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danh vo exhibit "take my breath away," at the guggenheim, new york 2018. guan gzhoo birdcage made out of 10 year old processed bamboo. photography: matthew burger

seeing things differently . . .

the title of this post was appropriated from the guggenheim museum blog about danh vo’s work; in addition the text below is an excerpt from the same blog:
exhibition curator katherine brinson describes vo’s oeuvre as “predicated on a belief in the incommensurable vagaries of lived experience and the flickering instability of the self.” it’s [...]

posted 25 February 2018

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happy lunar new year in brooklyn, 2018. photography: matthew burger

happy new year from brooklyn . . .

a lunar calendar is a calendar based upon the monthly cycles of the moon’s phases, in contrast to solar calendars, whose annual cycles are based only directly upon the solar year . . .
the lunar new year (also known by, among other references, as chinese new year, korean new year, vietnamese new year & [...]

posted 16 February 2018

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