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plzeň design week 2017 photography: katharina tenberge

plzeň design week . . .

plzeň design week is a collaboration to enhance design communication and energy between the czech republic with, among others, the german state of bavaria:
plzeň design week 2017

posted 20 November 2017

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transformation: an exhibit at galerie konstantin b., am brixener hof 11, regensburg, bavaria. photography: simon mayer, florian westermeier &/or matthew burger

an exhibit: transformation . . .

july 20th until september 8 2017:
galerie konstantin b.
am brixener hof 11
regensburg, bavaria
various works from the iD2 crew and the industrial design program,
department of architectures, at the university of applied sciences regensburg . . .
a special thanks to bernhard löffler for all his support of these efforts . . .

iD2 crew & [...]

posted 24 July 2017

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bauhaus 98 & counting. the 100th anniversary of the founding of the bauhaus, in weimar, is in two years in 2019. photography: matthew burger . . .

bauhaus 98 & counting . . .

bauhaus 98 & counting . . .
the 100th anniversary of the founding of the bauhaus, in weimar, is in two years . . .
a mere three years before the beginnings of the bauhaus in 1916, the founding father of the assembly line, of mass-production, and the ford motor company,
henry ford, proclaimed that “history [...]

posted 4 July 2017

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coney island winter revisited. karim rashid’s sofa. photography: matthew burger

coney island winter revisited . . .

participants / friends of the industrial design program at the oth:
bernhard löffler • christian peetz • ines like venus • jürgen grünbeck • lisa vrabec • martin köstlbacher • paul höschl • petra wilhelm • sebastian knopp • stefan katzlinger •
oth: university of applied sciences regensburg, department of architecture:
anna schmied • benedikt weigmann [...]

posted 15 March 2017

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calatrava’s world trade center oculus in manhattan. photography: matthew burger

calatrava’s oculus . . .

calatrava’s world trade center oculus, in manhattan on an autumn sunday . . .
calatrava’s oculus

posted 21 September 2016

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nemo propheta in patria • alvar aalto, artek exhibit at the bard graduate center gallery. photography: matthew burger

nemo propheta in patria . . .

nemo propheta in patria (no-one is a prophet in their own land) . . .
attributed to alvar aalto
artek & the aaltos information. bard graduate center gallery
artek & the aaltos: creating a modern world, exibition at the bard graduate center from april 22nd until october 2nd, 2016:artek & the aaltos at the bard

posted 21 August 2016

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details from the exhibit mariscal’s world at leeren beutel, regensburg. photography: matthew burger

mariscal’s bavarian venues . . .

javier mariscal came to visit regensburg in conjunction with two special venues; the screening of his film, chico & rita, as well as the opening of a one man exhibit at leeren beutel called, mariscal’s world. monday may 30th; 150th day of the year in the gregorian calendar was the third special venue. on that [...]

posted 31 May 2016

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lubok books in bavaria 2016

lubok in bavaria . . .

this past week i went to schwandorf’s oberpfälzer künstlerhaus to see lubok book’s bavarian exhibit twice (once with daniela d. and jnés b. and again with bernhard l.). the first time i became aware of lubok was at the museum of modern art’s ps1 art books fair in new york. then i was able to [...]

posted 15 May 2016

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vienna venues: josef frank & estrid ericson photography: lennart nilsson, svenskt tenn. fabric detail, svenskt tenn photography: matthew burger

vienna design venues . . .

from casual conversations this week came improvised invitations from professor erich pröd and viennese designer katharina erich to participate in current venues in vienna. the first suggestion was to participate in the forward festival for creativity, design & communication, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible. the second suggestion was listening to pentagram’s michael bierut talk for [...]

posted 10 April 2016

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