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paul höschl’s walk & talk about the bishop’s episcopal residence in regensburg. photography: matthew burger

paul’s walk & talk about his work . . .

at the end of june, architect paul höschl took some of his friends for a walk and a talk about his recent work for the roman catholic diocese of regensburg bishop’s episcopal residence | bischöflichen ordinariat, niedermünstergasse 1, regensburg |

posted 1 July 2015

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iD immersion workshop week 2015. the university of applied sciences regensburg. photographer: matthew burger

immersion workshop week, 2015 . . .

immersion workshop week was held as a special, summer semester venue of the
iD program at the university of applied sciences, regensburg. open to all students in the oth’s department of architecture, the immersion workshop week was an exchange of ideas connecting people in a moment of time to an exploration of vision, values, skills and [...]

posted 10 May 2015

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an iD exhibit in regensburg’s leerer beutel: natur als vorbild. photography: matthew burger

natur als vorbild exhibit in leerer beutel . . .

“a nobler want of man is served by nature, namely, the love of beauty. the ancient greeks called the world (kosmos), beauty. such is the constitution of all things, or such the plastic power of the human eye, that the primary forms, as the sky, the mountain, the tree, the animal, give us a delight [...]

posted 20 March 2015

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oth: university of applied sciences, regensburg. the iD5 crew’s product design 3 homo ludens project, winter semester 2014-15.

homo ludens . . .

oth: university of applied sciences, regensburg,
iD5 crew’s product design three project,
winter semester 2014-15 . . .
film: homo ludens, der spielende mensch
film: homo ludens, die erlebniskantine
film: homo ludens, moon . . .
homo ludens’ work group included, among others, the following people:
aaron vander bee • amelie kainz • andreas [...]

posted 10 February 2015

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gallery konstantin b. about form & exhibit, regensburg, bavaria. a collaborative design project with the bauhaus university weimar and the oth: university of applied sciences regensburg in conjunction with gallery konstantin b. photographer: matthew burger 2015

gallery konstantin b. aboutForm & exhibit . . .

about form &: a design exhibit in regensburg, bavaria at gallery konstantin b.
a collaborative design project with bauhaus university weimar and the oth: university of applied sciences regensburg in conjunction with gallery curator, bernhard löffler, from konstantin b. regensburg . . .

bauhaus university weimar & oth: university of applied sciences regensburg,
students of [...]

posted 16 January 2015

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design education on the verge . . . | in german: gestalten lehren - auf der kippe ? | at the the university of regensburg’s institute for art education, 2014. photographer: matthew burger

design (education) quo vadis . . .

gestalten lehren – auf der kippe ?
the institute for art education at the university of regensburg
paraphrasing rather that translating the german title (for the venue held this week by institute for art education in conjunction with other partners*) could be close to “art and design education at the tipping point”
or “art & [...]

posted 28 November 2014

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the oth:university of applied sciences regensburg’s iD1 crew at the neumuseum in nuremberg, bavaria. october 2014. photographer: matthew burger

an interaction of color & geometry . . .

the bavarian state government officially opened a 20th-century state museum in nuremberg on on april 15, 2000. the new museum, was design by berlin-based architect volker staab. today, the iD1 cew visited the current exhibit of amish quilts and american artist james turrell’s installations and graphic art. here are just a few visual impressions from [...]

posted 14 October 2014

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archtectural detail ian hossack & studio e, one

forms in space . . . ian hossack’s architecture, london

here are two interesting examples of ian hossack’s architecture in england. the first is a public building with a rather striking visual presence of forms in space . . .

the second example here is a thorough design rejuvenation of a private residence in south west london. for more information, please use the address link [...]

posted 25 August 2014

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edelrost wabi-sabi patina: images photographed by matthew burger

the ennobling of objects with time . . .

there is an ennobling process of objects (animate & inanimate) with time. one term used, in german, to describe the outcome of this process is edelrost. i happen to personally like this german term because it reminds me of an excerpt from johann wolfgang von goethe’s, das göttliche: edel sei der mensch, hilfreich und gut! [...]

posted 8 July 2014

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