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vienna venues: josef frank & estrid ericson photography: lennart nilsson, svenskt tenn. fabric detail, svenskt tenn photography: matthew burger

vienna design venues . . .

from casual conversations this week came improvised invitations from professor erich pröd and viennese designer katharina erich to participate in current venues in vienna. the first suggestion was to participate in the forward festival for creativity, design & communication, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible. the second suggestion was listening to pentagram’s michael bierut talk for [...]

posted 10 April 2016

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less is more than more. iD bachelor projects exhibit in regensburg. photography: matthew burger

less is more than more . . .

less > more:
iD bachelor projects at the municipal museum leerer beutel, in regensburg, bavaria
iD participants:
aaron vander bee • andreas wagner • anna knaut • benedikt bandtlow • bianca bauer jörg • ina turinsky • jinny martens • jonna breitenhuber • johanna brunner • kevin • konstantin beitsch • laura wittmann • lukas walzer • lukas [...]

posted 9 March 2016

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4 from 23 works in progress & konstantin beitsch’s autumn leaves experimental material

design concepts • work in progress . . .

four from twenty-three design concepts • work in progress of iD bachelor projects at gallery konstantin b., regensburg bavaria:
• konstantin beitsch
• simon budich
• ina turinsky
• laura wittmann
design, as a primary form of artistic invention and expression, embraces not only artifact making, but also the meaning we associate with objects through their shaping of our [...]

posted 26 February 2016

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twenty two stops to the city, coney island winter . . . garland jeffreys. photography: matthew burger

coney island winter . . .

new york city impressions from a brief moment in time from twenty–nine faculty, friends & iD students of the university of applied sciences regensburg’s department of architecture. participants in this adventure:
andreas völkl • anja lindner • bernhard löffler • catharina hoffmann • christiane hilmer • christine kindermann • daniela deutzer • daniela penagos höck [...]

posted 25 February 2016

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descending stairs & turning around from the animal locomotion series, by eadweard muybridge 1884-1885

ascending & descending a staircase . . .

pascale wettenschwiler and i went this week to the cooper hewitt to view the heatherwick exhibit, provocations. what i found to be one the more interesting parts of the rather extensive exhibit was heaterwick’s study for the first double decker bus for london in fifty years. the stairwell artifact / production component, which was placed [...]

posted 28 December 2015

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paul höschl’s walk & talk about the bishop’s episcopal residence in regensburg. photography: matthew burger

paul’s walk & talk about his work . . .

at the end of june, architect paul höschl took some of his friends for a walk and a talk about his recent work for the roman catholic diocese of regensburg bishop’s episcopal residence | bischöflichen ordinariat, niedermünstergasse 1, regensburg |

posted 1 July 2015

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iD immersion workshop week 2015. the university of applied sciences regensburg. photographer: matthew burger

immersion workshop week, 2015 . . .

immersion workshop week was held as a special, summer semester venue of the
iD program at the university of applied sciences, regensburg. open to all students in the oth’s department of architecture, the immersion workshop week was an exchange of ideas connecting people in a moment of time to an exploration of vision, values, skills and [...]

posted 10 May 2015

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an iD exhibit in regensburg’s leerer beutel: natur als vorbild. photography: matthew burger

natur als vorbild exhibit in leerer beutel . . .

“a nobler want of man is served by nature, namely, the love of beauty. the ancient greeks called the world (kosmos), beauty. such is the constitution of all things, or such the plastic power of the human eye, that the primary forms, as the sky, the mountain, the tree, the animal, give us a delight [...]

posted 20 March 2015

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oth: university of applied sciences, regensburg. the iD5 crew’s product design 3 homo ludens project, winter semester 2014-15.

homo ludens . . .

oth: university of applied sciences, regensburg,
iD5 crew’s product design three project,
winter semester 2014-15 . . .
film: homo ludens, der spielende mensch
film: homo ludens, die erlebniskantine
film: homo ludens, moon . . .
homo ludens’ work group included, among others, the following people:
aaron vander bee • amelie kainz • andreas [...]

posted 10 February 2015

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gallery konstantin b. about form & exhibit, regensburg, bavaria. a collaborative design project with the bauhaus university weimar and the oth: university of applied sciences regensburg in conjunction with gallery konstantin b. photographer: matthew burger 2015

gallery konstantin b. aboutForm & exhibit . . .

about form &: a design exhibit in regensburg, bavaria at gallery konstantin b.
a collaborative design project with bauhaus university weimar and the oth: university of applied sciences regensburg in conjunction with gallery curator, bernhard löffler, from konstantin b. regensburg . . .

bauhaus university weimar & oth: university of applied sciences regensburg,
students of [...]

posted 16 January 2015

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