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simple utilitarian objects in the light of summer under a bavarian sky. photography: matthew burger

art & design venues in nuremberg . . .

the academy of fine arts, nürnberg, july 11th 2016:
an excerpt: summer celebration at the academy of fine arts
the new museum; the bavarian state museum for art & design, nürnberg:
an excerpt: we transForm exhibition 2016 & light sculptures

posted 12 July 2016

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lubok books in bavaria 2016

lubok in bavaria . . .

this past week i went to schwandorf’s oberpfälzer künstlerhaus to see lubok book’s bavarian exhibit twice (once with daniela d. and jnés b. and again with bernhard l.). the first time i became aware of lubok was at the museum of modern art’s ps1 art books fair in new york. then i was able to [...]

posted 15 May 2016

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red hook’s gallery gestarc blue x. photography: matthew burger

red hook tools . . .

large & small scale tools in red hook against a cyan sky . . .

posted 24 November 2015

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the help desk telephone at freitag’s flagship store in zürich. photographay: matthew burger

autumn imagery from basel & zürich . . .

autumn imagery from basel and zürich in october; people, memories, food, fun, art, objects, architecture & spacial experiences . . .

posted 14 October 2015

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edelrost imagery from a 1948 chevy panel truck, possibly parked illegally on de kalb avenue in brooklyn. photography: matthew burger

edelrost in new york . . .

“edel sei der mensch, hilfreich und gut;denn das allein unterscheidet ihn
von allen wesen, die wir kennen . . .”
johann wolfgang von goethe’s das göttliche
edelmut (gallantry) is a lot different than edelrost (patina), but maybe not as much as we think. goethe also wrote (paraphrased here in english), “the hardest thing to see is that [...]

posted 21 September 2015

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painterly patina in the stairway spaces at momo’s ps1. photography: matthew burger

painterly patina at ps1 . . .

moma’s ps1 has a number of stairways with painterly patinas. although these spaces most likely weren’t intended to be visual experiences, they still convey a wonderful combination of space and ambience transformed through time . . .

posted 25 August 2015

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a visit to the north country in june. a detail from a container near buena vista, klampenborg, copenhagen. photography: matthew burger

a visit to the north country . . .

i took a trip train to the north country to talk with people i’ve known for some time. the city stops included weimar, hamburg & copenhagen. i had a chance to catch up with old friends like daniela, karin, karin, svenja, tina, ian, jan, mads, volkhard & wolfgang. thanks to you all for the insights [...]

posted 15 June 2015

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a new adventure in sunset park, brooklyn beginning in may 2015. photography: matthew burger

a new adventure in sunset park . . .

as of the month of may, ines and i will begin a new adventure in bi-continental living. we will have a new apartment in sunset park brooklyn as well as our current apartment in bavaria. our new address in sunset park will soon be:
648 60th street
apartment no. 3
brooklyn, new york,

posted 10 April 2015

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happy chinese new year from sunset park brooklyn 2015. photography: matthew burger

happy new year . . .

happy chinese new year from sunset park brooklyn & regensburg bavaria. two of the image here are fragments from chrissy angliker’s paintings, that are being shown at the mediums exhibit | curated by michael hambouz | which opened on friday night in greenpoint, brooklyn. other images are from sunset park’s eight avenue in brooklyn yesterday. [...]

posted 22 February 2015

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daniela deutzer and kevin lefeuvre in the iD atelier space p310 at the oth: university of applied sciences regensburg, along with john cage’s rules and hints for student and teachers. photography: matthew burger

*john cage’s rules & hints for student & teachers . . .

cage’s 10 rules and helpful hints for students and teachers
in conjunction with the re-accreditation of architecture, the iD accreditation process had a rite of passage this past friday, december 19th, with an official visit from the following accreditation commission members:
professor marion digel, dean at folkwang university of the arts, essen, frg.
professor brigitte [...]

posted 21 December 2014

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