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“flight” mobile by alexander calder, at the international arrivals terminal 4, jfk airport, new york city. photography: matthew burger

an engineer invents a new art form . . .

alexander calder graduated in 1919 from stevens institute of technology in hoboken, new jersey with a degree in mechanical engineering. after graduation, he held jobs with an automotive engineer in rutherford, new jersey, and with the new york edison company as a a hydraulic engineer and a draftsman. in 1922, calder found work as a [...]

posted 6 October 2017

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skylight at 648 60th street, brooklyn. photography: matthew burger

light, color & james turrell . . .

celestial twilight: die blaue stunde . . .
unfortunately there isn’t a correlating english reference to what the germans call, die blaue stunde, but light, color and spacial relationships are all active in the particular place called, meeting. james turrell’s skyspace, meeting, at ps1
you might also want to see james turrell’s [...]

posted 21 September 2017

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impression excerpt, among friends & rauschenberg . . . photographer: matthew burger

among friends & rauschenberg . . .

painting relates to both art and life. neither can be made.
(i try to act in that gap between the two.)
robert rauschenberg, 1959
an excerpt from the robert rauschenberg foundation below:
rauschenberg foundation
black mountain college (north carolina, 1933–57), an experimental school focused on the collaborative teaching of art and science, served as a home and [...]

posted 25 August 2017

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simple utilitarian objects in the light of summer under a bavarian sky. photography: matthew burger

art & design venues in nuremberg . . .

the academy of fine arts, nürnberg, july 11th 2016:
an excerpt: summer celebration at the academy of fine arts
the new museum; the bavarian state museum for art & design, nürnberg:
an excerpt: we transForm exhibition 2016 & light sculptures

posted 12 July 2016

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brooklyn sitooterie & a workplace on the street (even in winter) along sunset park’s eight avenue. inset: a small wooden bench along sunset park’s sixth avenue. photographer: matthew burger

brooklyn sitooterie . . .

“i had 3 chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.”
walden; henry david thoreau
brooklyn sitooterie* . . .
pronunciation | \sit-oot-er-E\

* sitooterie
world wide words: sitooterie
sitooterie: his word is a scots colloquial term, though not a common one in print. it means a place to sit out [...]

posted 11 June 2016

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lubok books in bavaria 2016

lubok in bavaria . . .

this past week i went to schwandorf’s oberpfälzer künstlerhaus to see lubok book’s bavarian exhibit twice (once with daniela d. and jnés b. and again with bernhard l.). the first time i became aware of lubok was at the museum of modern art’s ps1 art books fair in new york. then i was able to [...]

posted 15 May 2016

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red hook’s gallery gestarc blue x. photography: matthew burger

red hook tools . . .

large & small scale tools in red hook against a cyan sky . . .

posted 24 November 2015

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the help desk telephone at freitag’s flagship store in zürich. photographay: matthew burger

autumn imagery from basel & zürich . . .

autumn imagery from basel and zürich in october; people, memories, food, fun, art, objects, architecture & spacial experiences . . .

posted 14 October 2015

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edelrost imagery from a 1948 chevy panel truck, possibly parked illegally on de kalb avenue in brooklyn. photography: matthew burger

edelrost in new york . . .

“edel sei der mensch, hilfreich und gut;denn das allein unterscheidet ihn
von allen wesen, die wir kennen . . .”
johann wolfgang von goethe’s das göttliche
edelmut (gallantry) is a lot different than edelrost (patina), but maybe not as much as we think. goethe also wrote (paraphrased here in english), “the hardest thing to see is that [...]

posted 21 September 2015

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painterly patina in the stairway spaces at momo’s ps1. photography: matthew burger

painterly patina at ps1 . . .

moma’s ps1 has a number of stairways with painterly patinas. although these spaces most likely weren’t intended to be visual experiences, they still convey a wonderful combination of space and ambience transformed through time . . .

posted 25 August 2015

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