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a visit to the north country in june. a detail from a container near buena vista, klampenborg, copenhagen. photography: matthew burger

a visit to the north country . . .

i took a trip train to the north country to talk with people i’ve known for some time. the city stops included weimar, hamburg & copenhagen. i had a chance to catch up with old friends like daniela, karin, karin, svenja, tina, ian, jan, mads, volkhard & wolfgang. thanks to you all for the insights [...]

posted 15 June 2015

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a new adventure in sunset park, brooklyn beginning in may 2015. photography: matthew burger

a new adventure in sunset park . . .

as of the month of may, ines and i will begin a new adventure in bi-continental living. we will have a new apartment in sunset park brooklyn as well as our current apartment in bavaria. our new address in sunset park will soon be:
648 60th street
apartment no. 3
brooklyn, new york,

posted 10 April 2015

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happy chinese new year from sunset park brooklyn 2015. photography: matthew burger

happy new year . . .

happy chinese new year from sunset park brooklyn & regensburg bavaria. two of the image here are fragments from chrissy angliker’s paintings, that are being shown at the mediums exhibit | curated by michael hambouz | which opened on friday night in greenpoint, brooklyn. other images are from sunset park’s eight avenue in brooklyn yesterday. [...]

posted 22 February 2015

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daniela deutzer and kevin lefeuvre in the iD atelier space p310 at the oth: university of applied sciences regensburg, along with john cage’s rules and hints for student and teachers. photography: matthew burger

*corita kent-john cage’s rules & hints for student & teachers . . .

*more about sister corita kent, here & below:
cage’s 10 rules and helpful hints for students and teachers
in conjunction with the re-accreditation of architecture, the iD accreditation process had a rite of passage this past friday, december 19th, with an official visit from the following accreditation commission members:
professor marion digel, dean [...]

posted 21 December 2014

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earth air water & fire. wilson alwyn bentley’s fascination / passion: snow crystals. photography: wilson alwyn bentley.

platonic solids: earth, air, water & fire . . .

an excerpt from the above link:
the dodecahedron has been a source of metaphysical interest for at least two thousand years. like a crystal or gem, its facets and symmetries compel our eyes
& hearts to observe life more deeply. some have believed that the dodecahedron represents an idealized form of divine thought, will, or [...]

posted 21 November 2014

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museum lothar fischer, neumarkt, oberpfalz 2012

museum lothar fischer, neumarkt . . . .

in 2004 at the age of 71, a native son and artist, lothar fischer, died just days before his new museum in neumarkt, opened. his life’s work lives on in the lothar fischer museum, located at weiherstraße number 7a, neumarkt, oberpfalz, along with other varied creations from notable artists. the collection is housed in [...]

posted 21 September 2014

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in memoriam, doug mulaire: indian summer & autumn. late summer images from vielitz in brandenburg, germany 2014

indian summer & autumn . . .

indian summer and the beginnings of autumn in brooklyn, brandenburg, berlin and bavaria. in memoriam of my good friend doug mulaire who died on september 8th; ines and i will miss him dearly and all the good times we shared together . . .

posted 8 September 2014

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edelrost wabi-sabi patina: images photographed by matthew burger

the ennobling of objects with time . . .

there is an ennobling process of objects (animate & inanimate) with time. one term used, in german, to describe the outcome of this process is edelrost. i happen to personally like this german term because it reminds me of an excerpt from johann wolfgang von goethe’s, das göttliche: edel sei der mensch, hilfreich und gut! [...]

posted 8 July 2014

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a new york state of mind in brooklyn, image collage 2014. photographer: matthew burger

a new york state of mind . . .

here is a collage triptych of a new york state of mind, just in time for this year’s saint patrick day. even while visiting boston, massachusetts a lot of the thoughts in the conversations touched on new york city and brooklyn in particular. brooklyn is usually a good vantage point for a majestic view of [...]

posted 15 March 2014

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some fleeting impressions from the iD (projectwoche) excursion to holland & the german region of nordrhein-westfalen in october 2013. photography: matthew burger

dutch design roadtrip week & . . .

one mere week is a rather brief moment in the flow of time. nonetheless, about two thirds of the iD3 crew connected 2000 kilometers of land between regenburg’s blue danube and the waters of rotterdam’s harbor with a bosnian bus driver, his sixty passenger bus and thousands of sensory design experiences. carly brandelius schmitt, ina [...]

posted 27 October 2013

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