visual narrative by eames demetrios: 77 steps . . .

in 2007 dan fogelson, vice president of sales / marketing at emeco (an abbreviation for: the electrical machine & equipment company) came to the industrial design department at pratt to talk about some of emeco’s recent project with designers / architects like, philippe starck, frank gehry, norman foster and ettore sottsass. besides a line of great products, emeco also has a great story about it’s aluminum designed objects (like the 1006 navy chair) and the company as the manufacturer in hanover, pennsylvania, even to the point of having eames demetrios make a film about how they construct and produce their, now classic, 1006 series chairs called, “77 steps”

films about design by eames demetrios

emeco’s design process films: the “77 steps”

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posted 21 July 2008

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