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untitled, number seventy-nine . . .

untitled, number seventy-nine . . .
untitled |ˌənˈtītld|
1 (of a book, composition, or other artistic work) having no name.
2 (of a person) not having a title indicating high social or official rank:
lesser untitled officials.

matthew’s inanimate objects.
kent avenue williamsburg, brooklyn and a connoisseur raleigh three speed
with a internal sturmey-archer hub, 2011 . . . […]

posted 29 June 2023

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the transmission of ideas & enthusiasm . . .

this week we had a nice casual visit in berner oberland tuna town from uli & lutz from berlin. the weather was pleasant, so we went for a ride on the paddle steamer blümlialp (which is over 100 years old now, but in wonderful restored condition). good friends | summer weather | beautiful scenery
yet […]

posted 15 June 2023

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the game called, “feet planted” . . .

feet planted | pétanque | boule
a brief description of the game’s invention:
games where, a spherical object &/or ball | boule in french |, are played
on the ground have a very long history, dating back through the middle
ages to ancient rome, and before that to ancient greece and egypt . . .
in france in […]

posted 14 May 2023

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everyday hero: tucker & toothpaste . . .

tucker viemeister of viemeister industries delights in the universal look
of toothpaste tubes. the tubes look the same, but the design and their
contents reflect a national character . . .
zonweiss: the first toothpaste in a tube . . .
kilmer house | johnson & johnson

a portrait of designer tucker viemeister,
by ned myerberg & […]

posted 5 May 2023

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book building: dayanita singh & gerhard steidl . . .

dayanita singh: dancing with my camera, museum villa stuck | munich
dayanita singh was born in new delhi in 1961 and studied at the national institute of design in ahmedabad and the international center of photography in new york.
using offset lithography as a creative medium, dayanita singh and gerhard steidl print images of a quality that […]

posted 6 February 2023

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thinking with your hands & . . .

the artist embodies in himself the attitude of the perceiver while he works . . .
from art as experience, by john dewey
stanford university: dewey’s aesthetics
thinking with your hands & willy guhl . . .
zurich’s design museum is exhibiting the work of swiss designer willy guhl
| * july 6, 1915 † october 4, 2004 […]

posted 1 February 2023

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illustrated with new meaning: map making . . .

edward fairburn | artist & illustrator
edward fairburn: i manipulate paper maps to construct other forms,
usually portraiture. i call this process topopointillism;
a direct combination of topography and pointillism . . .
atlas of the new dutch water defence line
atlas of the new dutch water defence line | atlas nieuwe hollandse […]

posted 13 December 2022

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michaelina wautier: the five senses . . .

michaelina wautier | * 1614 † 1689 |
michaelina wautier’s paintings, the five senses, on display at the coolidge gallery, museum of fine arts, boston, massachusetts . . .
the new york times | by milton esterow:
for centuries, her art was forgotten, or credited to men. no more . . .
boston: the work of michaelina […]

posted 2 December 2022

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