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georgia on my mind . . .

today, from coney island i was thinking about, among others, nathaniel lamonde and his family, the wnba atlanta dream team members, former president jimmy carter and the late dr. martin luther king jr. maybe it’s the right moment to sing along, karaoke style, with ray . . .
georgia on my mind, sung by […]

posted 6 January 2021

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new york city transit & the vignelli diagram’s new life . . .

an interesting viewpoint from allen hillery about one of vignelli’s most important legacies; the nyc transit signage system and the design of the nyc subway diagram:
how vignelli’s design still influences nyc’s subway maps today . . .
a film by gary hustwit, about a developing digital version of the nyc transit’s current map, which inherits […]

posted 10 November 2020

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it is possible that love trumps hate . . .

“i think that a society where people really see one another as
full men and women, as americans, is possible.”
“es sollte möglich sein, dass amerikaner sich als vollwertige,
gleichberechtige männer und frauen in die augen sehen.”
bruce springsteen

posted 7 November 2020

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the swiss grid . . .

the swiss grid at poster house: 119 west 23rd street new york, ny 10011
february 27, 2020 until february 14, 2021
the swiss grid explores the development & impact of the international
typographic style, considered one of the most important movements
in graphic design history; masterpieces of communication that
have stood the test of time . . .

posted 21 October 2020

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essential brooklyn . . .

essentially brooklyn installation at domino park, williamsburg . . .
labor day is a celebration of the determination and the achievements of hard working men and women across this nation and in the empire state. it was in new york that this great holiday was first celebrated, and where we are continuously fighting for the […]

posted 7 September 2020

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miles davis quote . . .

an interesting miles davis quote that i received from one of my students . . .

thanks lisa for the encouragement . . .

posted 9 May 2020

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found objects alphabets & letterforms . . .

an important part of the educational system in germany usually involves the successful completion of an entrance exam at the university level. here are a few visual impressions of the recent rite of passage, in the department of architecture, for the new hybrid industrial design program at the university of applied sciences regensburg. the following […]

posted 1 May 2020

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we don’t need another hero . . .

follow your bliss . . .
if you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you and the life
you ought to be living is the one you are living. when you can
see that, you begin to meet people who are in the […]

posted 10 April 2020

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the language of form & concavity . . .

the following is an excerpt from the rowena reed kostellow fund’s website,
problem three: concavity
the sculptural exercise that emphasizes concavity explores a relationship which is seldom understood. a talented and intuitive designer may well arrive at sensitive, positive volumes, but unless the important relationship of the negative volumes, or concavities, to the positive forms are […]

posted 1 March 2020

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