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found objects alphabets & letterforms . . .

an important part of the educational system in germany usually involves the successful completion of an entrance exam at the university level. here are a few visual impressions of the recent rite of passage, in the department of architecture, for the new hybrid industrial design program at the university of applied sciences regensburg. the following […]

posted 1 May 2020

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we don’t need another hero . . .

follow your bliss . . .
if you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you and the life
you ought to be living is the one you are living. when you can
see that, you begin to meet people who are in the […]

posted 10 April 2020

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the language of form & concavity . . .

the following is an excerpt from the rowena reed kostellow fund’s website,
problem three: concavity
the sculptural exercise that emphasizes concavity explores a relationship which is seldom understood. a talented and intuitive designer may well arrive at sensitive, positive volumes, but unless the important relationship of the negative volumes, or concavities, to the positive forms are […]

posted 1 March 2020

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reflexion on sabine . . .

memento mori & sabine lange 1966-2018 . . .
a few reflexions on a year without sabine lange (in this period of time, have we learned anything from our loss ?). here below is the last email i received from sabine, three days before her death, now a year ago . . .
| […]

posted 13 January 2019

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the nature of exploration & . . .

the nature of exploration & the lines in space venue for elements of design one at oth: the university of applied sciences regensburg, with carly brandelius schmitt, matthew burger & the iD1 crew:
iD1 crew:
afra zantner • ahmad alzarkali • anna brodmann • carolin kaiser • caroline meyer • john renner • julia mandacioglu • […]

posted 17 December 2018

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immersion workshop week 2018 . . .

immersion workshop week 2018,
april 30th through may 4th, at the
oth: university of applied sciences regensburg,
bavaria . . .

participants from the oth’s department of architecture
01) alice stelíková & petr stehlík’s group:
amairani guzman zenteno • antonia müller • bianca spornraft • chia lin liao • christian neumayer • erisa gogo • gian van rooyen • […]

posted 9 May 2018

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eva’s austrian iD1 crew excursion . . .

eva höschl’s excursion with the iD1 crew from the oth’s industrial design program, department of architecture, university of applied sciences regensburg.
sunday, december 10th, the 20th anniversary exhibit at the kunsthaus bregenz:
dear to me, in addition to a conversation between architect peter zumtor and philosopher ralf konersmann. monday, december 11th a visit to lichtforum (entwicklung […]

posted 13 December 2017

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among friends & rauschenberg . . .

painting relates to both art and life. neither can be made.
(i try to act in that gap between the two.)
robert rauschenberg, 1959
an excerpt from the robert rauschenberg foundation below:
rauschenberg foundation
black mountain college (north carolina, 1933–57), an experimental school focused on the collaborative teaching of art and science, served as a home and […]

posted 25 August 2017

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an exhibit: transformation . . .

july 20th until september 8 2017:
galerie konstantin b.
am brixener hof 11
regensburg, bavaria
various works from the iD2 crew and the industrial design program,
department of architectures, at the university of applied sciences regensburg . . .
a special thanks to bernhard löffler for all his support of these efforts . . .

iD2 crew & […]

posted 24 July 2017

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bauhaus 98 & counting . . .

bauhaus 98 & counting . . .
the 100th anniversary of the founding of the bauhaus, in weimar, is in two years . . .
a mere three years before the beginnings of the bauhaus in 1916, the founding father of the assembly line, of mass-production, and the ford motor company,
henry ford, proclaimed that “history […]

posted 4 July 2017

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