a metaphor for manhattan . . .

the opening exhibit for the smithsonian’s national museum for design was entitled, “MAN trans FORMS”. when the cooper hewitt museum opened in october 1976
in the former andrew carnegie mansion, dianne pilgrim and her crew had invited, among others, oswald mathias ungers to give a direction for what this institution could be. ungers used visual examples as portrayal of design, architecture and urban planning. here’s a small excerpt . . .

for more on MAN trans FORMS & o.m. ungers’ work, look at this link from the university of minnesota’s digital content library: university of minnesota’s digital content library, MAN trans FORMS

in closing, yesterday, while walking around manhattan on a nice summer’s evening, it struck me that another possible metaphor for the city is that, it is always under construction in some form or another, as it deconstructs it’s own past . . . | i’ll apologize in advance, if this is a poor paraphrase from le corbusier and the like |.

posted 15 June 2011

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