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today was a good day under blue autumn skies, at the new york art book fair, at moma’s ps 1. there were too many wonderful exhibitors to give them all credit, so i’ll only mention a small fragment of the whole here. e-flux’s airstream trailer book coop was parked outside the main building of ps 1. among others, just to mention a mere handful of interesting exhibitor would include: blind spot from annandale-on-hudson new york • edition patrick frey from zürich, switzerland • lubok verlag from leizig, germany • gregory r. miller & company from new york, new york • nieves / rollo press from zürich, switzerland • ooga booga from los angeles california • pork salad press from copenhagen, denmark • red fox press from dugort, ireland •

blind spot: the hudson valley by stephen shore

edition patrick frey: neue menschen | new human beings |

lubok verlag: köpfe by volker pfüller

gregory r. miller & company:
the furniture of poul kjærholm: catalogue raisonné

nieves / rollo press: ma vie avec du riz,
a children’s book by akinori oishi | osaka, japan |

ooga booga: books

pork salad press: free shop by superflex

red fox press:
visual poetry & collages by pete spence | australia |

for the entire list of all exhibitor, please see printed matter’s link here:
new york art book fair exhibitor’s list 2011

here’s a link to the e-flux project’s airstream trailer, book coop:
e-flux’s book coop

“the book remembers everything”, an essay on the work of erica van horn
by nancy kuhl, curator of poetry, yale collection of american literature 2010:
the book remembers everything by nancy kuhl

& last, but not least, there’s also this link:
printer resources for independent art publishers

posted 2 October 2011

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