material connection . . .

on wednesday, june 13th the iD students from the university of applied sciences, regensburg, bavaria, had a venue about their recent material connection project. the venue included an exhibit of material explorations with corrugated cardboard and their bistro table prototypes with 7 millimeter thick corrugated. the exhibit space was the new café “ah” in the prüfeninger straße 58, regensburg . . .

the iD crew:
nadine albrecht • bianca bauer • carolin bauer • saskia deschan • david drust • felicitas enders • michael fischer • niklas forchhammer • stefanie gmach •
anna grameier • daniel hösl • milena huber • stephan jäger • charlotte klein •
kevin lexen • marion meindl • lena müller-kress • andrea müllner • jennifer nadenik • giulia nemmert • lucrezia papillo • markus pauthner • stefan plath • maximilian resch • matthias seitz • ulrich simmann • kathrin waitzhofer • dominik weber •

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Some exciting and vibrant work. Congratulations everyone on a successful semester.

greetings rebecca,

thanks for your comment &
i hope you stay cool until
autumn rolls around . . .


Such lively and engaging work. Congratulations on your success!

greetings linda,

thanks for your comment &
i hope we see each other
for autumn in new york . . .


What a fantastic space!!!

greetings josh,

thanks for your comment, &
i hope to see you again in
brooklyn, berlin &/or
bavaria , before
too long . . .


Love this! Congratulation to your successful and inspiring work.

greetings louise,

i’m glad you like it & thanks
for your comment . . .


posted 16 June 2012

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