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stadtzeit zeitstadt (time cannot be summed up), regensburg 1995:

maria maier is a painter, draftswoman, and graphic artist, not a photographer. it is astonishing how her works often recognizably juxtapose painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, photography, reproduction and original, found objects, decided signals, the most basic artistic means of composing, and the use of the most modern technical media. it appears as if the artist wanted to demonstrate what starting material she, perceiving, shapes. the juxtaposition and overlaying are traceable temporal events. the one does not rule out the other; (polarities, analogies) dualities are simultaneous, just as painting presents a succession in simultaneity. the over drawing as a linear happening dominates and connects through time. the photography is an autonomous material that is always substantively and graphically serially processed, as is also done with drawings or paintings. her world-spanning view and her time-transcending access to the starting material interweave the artistic techniques, like the particles of reality, with her interior world. responding and disclosing oneself, giving form, creating compositions, and opening oneself – these processes remain legible in maria maier’s pictures and hone our vision for cycles and surprising networks. the collage is the smoothest principle for this; here it is brought to a new climax as a re-production technique, as recycling.

hans-peter miksch

a link to maria maier’s stadtzeit zeitstadt project

a pdf about maria maier’s stadtzeit zeitstadt in regensburg

posted 10 April 2013

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