open mindedness & iD schulterblick . . .

“a mind is like a parachute. it doesn’t work if it’s closed.”
                                                                                         frank zappa

design, as a primary form of artistic invention & expression, embraces
not only artifact making, but also the meaning we associate with objects
through their shaping of our experiences. in design, the behavioral
aspects of experiences have always been more powerful than the mere
objects themselves.

open mindedness:

in terms of design education, it’s not the objects produced in schools that will
have a lasting effect on the individuals, but the experiences of seeing the everyday
world anew with a sense of excitement and discovery. the porous boundaries
of the creative disciplines have already made a stew of interdisciplinary
collaborative activity in our society. given our current environmental imperative,
design will have to have solutions to problems not yet imagined. hopefully,
through this open minded expectation can our iD graduates truly shape the
foreseeable future . . .

mentorship 2017, iD graduates:
matthew burger, idsa, professor of design


iD | schulterblick | oth: university of applied sciences regensburg

posted 14 July 2018

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