reflexion on sabine . . .

memento mori & sabine lange 1966-2018 . . .

a few reflexions on a year without sabine lange (in this period of time, have we learned anything from our loss ?). here below is the last email i received from sabine, three days before her death, now a year ago . . .

| wed, jan 10, 11:38 pm |

dear matthew,

thank you for your wishes and kind words.and for some cherished insights into my home. i really like this place most in spring …and soothing native american wisdom.

sometimes i really think, i have been pitchforked onto another life track, another galaxy, but no, it is my life track, somehow foreseen for me by destiny.
but: my zodiac sign is the aries. i was trying to think about the benefits – so i experimented with a short haircut, which – some people said – suits me well. and in a little while, i will be sharing hairstyle with you. we could then take a picture.

today eva was here and brought me a card and some goodies, which are highly appreciated. i like this band boy, thank you for that to. and here’s to you:

frank sinatra (please see the link below)

& gil scott heron (please see the link below) . . .

ok, matthew, hope to see you some time. big hug,
even though i know you don’t like that. i am taking advantage of my situation.

sabine’s suggestions, link one: frank sinatra, one for my baby, 1962
sabine’s suggestions, link two: gil scott heron, “winter in america,” 1974

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posted 13 January 2019

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