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an important part of the educational system in germany usually involves the successful completion of an entrance exam at the university level. here are a few visual impressions of the recent rite of passage, in the department of architecture, for the new hybrid industrial design program at the university of applied sciences regensburg. the following individuals have decided to join us on our experimental design adventure and are now in their second semester of study for industrial design. the collage of images below are from their elements of design course
(with instructors carly brandelius schmitt & matthew burger) of found objects alphabets & letterforms:

all participants, iD2 crew:
adlai lionel mancilla panduro • anna derksen • anna ertl • annalena hawelka • carly brandelius schmitt • celina bauer • christina looshorn • christine biendl • cornelius hofmann • giulio leckel • jessica glanz • jessica-isabel woitschach • jia jia yu • julian allgöwer • kim pieper • lars böttger • leonard zdzieblo • lisa grünwald • magdalena mader • manuel müller • matthew burger • maximilian bräu • michael görtz • moritz gauss • niklas banke • nikolaus kreuzer • nina lehner • nina schwendner • paulina kaiser • peter wind • stefan fischer • theresa donhauser • tobias decker • valentin albiker • vincent pittroff • william hoier •

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posted 1 May 2020

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