weit entfernt: vielitz, part two . . .

vielitz is a term for vielitz (vielitzsee), a part of the community of vielitzsee
in brandenburg & vielitz (selb), a part of the town of selb in bavaria . . .

vielitz ist eine bezeichnung für vielitz (vielitzsee), ortsteil der gemeinde vielitzsee
in brandenburg & vielitz (selb), ortsteil der stadt selb in bayern . . .

more about stephanie reiterer / jan weber-ebnet’s building culture camp workshops:
building culture camp 2020, at erkersreuth castle, selb, bavaria . . .

concerning erkersreuth castle’s period of transition: rosenthal’s residence, now under the stewardship of bavaria’s heritage trust . . .

more information to hans döllgast and the saint joseph chruch, selb-plößberg:
the architectural archive of the technical university, münchen

some information about rosenthal’s production of tc100. tc100 (thomas / rosenthal) was designed by hans (nick) roericht in 1959 for his thesis project at the hfg school of design in ulm, west germany. it went immediately into the permanent collection (as well as the cafeteria) of the moma in new york. tc100 was produced from 1962 until 2006 by thomas / rosenthal: design insights video: systems design

more about product development hans roericht: highlights / nick roerich

a link to the associate degree program in product design, bsz selb, bavaria:
product design education

in closing, would like to say a personal thank you to both stephanie reiterer & barbara reitz for their invitation to join them, along with their entire crew, at erkersreuth castle, in selb for the first of two workshop sessions of building
culture camp 2020 / baukultur camp 2020; it was extraordinary . . .

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Well, thank you for this feature and even bigger thanks for being with us, Matthew. Your presence, insights and conversations were not only welcome but also highly appreciated by the crew as well as the attendees!

greetings barbara,

thanks for your thoughtful comments; i really enjoyed taking part in this workshop . . .


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posted 1 August 2020

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