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untitled, number forty eight . . .

untitled, number forty eight . . .
untitled |ˌənˈtītld|
1 (of a book, composition, or other artistic work) having no name.
2 (of a person) not having a title indicating high social or official rank:
lesser untitled officials.

matthew’s inanimate objects.
coney island boardwalk benches, on the pat auletta steeplechase pier . . .

posted 8 January 2021

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georgia on my mind . . .

today, from coney island i was thinking about, among others, nathaniel lamonde and his family, the wnba atlanta dream team members, former president jimmy carter and the late dr. martin luther king jr. maybe it’s the right moment to sing along, karaoke style, with ray . . .
georgia on my mind, sung by […]

posted 6 January 2021

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