family in the kingdon of crystal, sweden . . .

family: celebrating character & unity in högskolan i kalmar, pukeberg, sweden by kyle solá. kyle, who is currently one of my id seniors in my studio class, making meaning, recently returned from an exchange semester abroad in sweden in the region they call, “the kingdon of crystal” . . . please take a look at his work here and you also might be interested in the up coming post next month about his ongoing work with the development of a unique legends award for this year’s recipients (patti smith, marc jacobs & david rockwell) . . .

klye’s glass family from kalmar university, pukeberg, sweden

in addition, you might want to look at another family of objects that started from a educational experience with glass in nybro, sweden; vattugatan is the name of the street that chia lin hsu lived on as a pratt id student while studying glass design. now it’s the name of her leather goods studio: chia lin hsu: vattugatan

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posted 21 September 2009

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