a new living adventure in the bernese highlands . . .

as of the beginning of april, ines (whose birthday it is today) and i have recently begun a new adventure in alpine living in bott. bott is a relatively new made-up acronym for the swiss town of thun, in the bernese highlands
| berner-oberland-tuna-town | . . .

we have a new apartment in the western sector of thoune,
which is not too far from the town center:
gantrischstrasse nr. 24
ch-3600 thun,

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Happy birthday

greetings anne (& lorenz too),

thanks for your nice birthday greetings . . .

nat king cole’s version of (get your kicks on) route 66:

happy may day to the both of you . . .

as always+matthew

Hi Matthew, great news! I hope you guys have a great time at your new home. CHeers

greetings michael,

thanks for your response and happy belated birthday . . .


Dear Matthew and dear Ines,
belated Birthday wishes to the hell of a woman!
So, both of you relocated to Switzerland? I

I hope that you are happy there!

I am definitely happy about having you closer! It is now not around the corner from Vienna, but who knows? Maybe you come to see me some day? I am looking forward to seeing you!

have some bread and salt,

greetings katarina,

thanks for your nice comment and thanks too for keeping us in the loop . . .

we hope your venue on wednesday may 10th goes well in vienna . . .

warm greetings again from berner oberland . . .

schönen sonntag . . .

ciao+matthew & ines

posted 6 April 2023

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