louise swärdshammar’s impressions of new york . . .

louise swärdshammar (formerly louise häggberg), designer, instructor and visiting research scholar from sweden to pratt institute’s department of industrial design, lived & worked in brooklyn for a period of about a year and a half from the late summertime of 2007 until the end of the year holiday season of 2008.

during that time, among other things, louise made numerous photographs of details of daily life in the urban environment of brooklyn and manhattan. here is a just a small sampling of some of the things she saw that made an impression on her . . .

louise’s statement about her work & a link to her website:

louise swärdshammar: selected works

in my artwork, i often explore the disregarded and deserted in our surroundings, and where one can feel a lingering sense of human presence. the present absence and the absent presence that manifests aspects of alienation, loneliness and longing in our daily lives and where the outer world becomes a symbolic expression of our inner circumstances. my artwork is also about the intersection between different states, where the opportunity of change awaits.

new york cast iron manhole cover, photographed by louise häggbergnew york hot delight street scene, photographed by louise häggbergnew york torn beauty, photographed by louise häggbergnew york no receiving warning, photographed by louise häggbergnew york street message: make, exist, create, photographed by louise häggbergmetal door detail with danger, keep out, photographed by louise häggbergnew york street lamp light on a concrete floor, photographed by louise häggberg

posted 14 February 2009

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