longoland at pratt: josh’s work & the work of his students . . .

josh longo is interested in story telling, developing characters and among other things, explorations with soft materials in his own work, as well as the work of his pratt industrial design students. last spring was the first time josh was teaching three dimensional abstraction in the industrial design department and he has approached this possibility as a new adventure with an open mind*. the examples from his talented sophomore class shows a warmth & a sense of direction that he might be able to build on in the future. i would encourage you to go to josh’s website, longoland, where you will find a number of thought provoking and humorous designs . . .

longoland exhibit in the design center gallery, spring 2008longoland creatures in the design center gallery, spring 2008josh's monster skin chair in the design center gallery, spring 2008longoland texture, exhibited in the design center gallery, spring 2008

“a mind is like a parachute. it doesn’t work if it’s closed.” frank zappa*

it’s worth a look at longoland:
joshua longo’s website: longoland

a sophomore abstract 3-dimensional design student with friends . . .

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posted 15 April 2009

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