lucia de respinis’ adventures with id student . . .

lucia & elizabeth pavese at the rrk award ceremony,
at knoll, in january 2008 . . .

lucia de respinis & elizabeth pavese at the rrk award ceremony, 2008lucia de respinis' juniors, id studio work 2008

the work below, from lucia de respinis’ junior studio class, helped anna sfinarolakis win a fifteen thousand dollar windgate fellowship. anna used the fellowship money, in part, for a three month artist in residency at the european ceramic center in the netherlands. anna sfinarolakis, windgate fellowship recipient 2009

lucia de respinis, designer & educator was awarded the 2007 rowena reed kostellow award for her dedication and teaching of three-dimensional design. the ceremony took place at the knoll showroom in new york on january 25, 2008. the award recognizes people who advance the principals of design that rowena reed kostellow developed and rewards those who have excelled with the application of those ideas.“the committee selected lucia because of the beauty of her personal work & teaching. she consistently applies the principals of abstract design she learned from miss reed,” says tucker viemeister, rowena fund chair.

lucia n. de respinis receives the 2007 rowena reed kostellow award

lucia talking with folkang student at the take a seat venue, may 21st

since autumn 2008, lucia has been working on a new design adventure, in conjunction with the vice president design & development at wedgwood & rosenthal, usa, lisa carroll-archambault. lucia is the faculty advisor for the pratt id graduate / undergraduate industrial design students interested in participating in this year’s wedgwood 250 anniversary design competition . . . on april 24th 2009, pratt’s industrial design seniors, jason pfaeffle & binh dang won 2nd & 3rd place, respectively . . . congratulations to jason, binh (& of course, lucia) !

posted 25 April 2009

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