sbb cff ffs brünig panorama . . .

composer felix mendelssohn once wrote, “if you haven’t seen the interlaken countryside, you haven’t seen switzerland.” the brünig pass, 1008 meters (3307 feet above sea level), is at the eastern end of the interlaken region and the brünig rail line connects interlaken to lucerne. lucerne is a junction railway station of both standard and narrow gauge. the brünig line starts one end of its journey in lucerne. brünig is the only narrow-gauge line of the entire swiss federal railways
| sbb cff ffs | system. in terms of history, the interlaken-brienz-lucerne connection was built in 1941-1942 and was electrified with the same power system as the rest of the sbb cff ffs network. much of the journey from interlaken to lucerne with the brünig line has a rather scenic panoramic view. starting in 1992, i was the design development project manager of the sbb cff ffs for the new panorama car series. the project lasted a number of years and was successfully completed in conjunction with the technical staff of schindler waggon ag (aktiengesellschaft), located in altenrhein switzerland. here are a few images of sbb cff ffs brünig’s panorama cars . . .

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I’m glad to finally see you work of long ago. I still haven’t quite gotten used to the fact that the 90’s are a long time ago.
These Brunig panorama car are fantastic.

greetings john,

thanks for your comment & that’s good to know, since these panorama vehicles need to last for a very long time still . . .


posted 20 October 2009

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