immersion workshop week, 2015 . . .

immersion workshop week was held as a special, summer semester venue of the
iD program at the university of applied sciences, regensburg. open to all students in the oth’s department of architecture, the immersion workshop week was an exchange of ideas connecting people in a moment of time to an exploration of vision, values, skills and fun through the experience of a absorbing design dialogue. three guests were invited to interact with around twenty industrial design students in the department of architecture: artist ruth thomas, designer lutz koebele-lipp and architect sven brandelius. immersion workshop week 2015 wouldn’t have happened without the assistance and support from daniela deutzer and michael salberg as well as the entire department of architecture. a special thanks to wolfgang neiser, ph.d from regensburg’s historical museum for the guided tour of the exhibit, “nicht nur für den augenblick! ephemera der papiersammlung.” in addition, a very special thanks to lena müller-kress and sabine lange for all their last minute efforts. i was glad to hear the response from many of our students who were involved that we should do this type of a venue again, next may, in 2016 . . .

immersion workshop week 2015 participants:

catharina hoffmann • christiane hilmer • christian reißig • daniela deutzer •
eva haslbeck • franz zünkler • jannik strobl • khanh-minh luong • lena müller-kress • lutz koebele-lipp • madita flohe • manuela rettermayer • marina almanstoetter • markus wasmeier • marlies joachim • matthew burger • matthias seidl •
michael salberg • miriam kreuzer • nathalie jodl • nicola ziel • ralf winklmeier •
ruth thomas • sarah kuch • stefanie müller • sven brandelius • zlatin aleksiev •

posted 10 May 2015

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