making meaning’s roadtrip to swayspace . . .

making meaning took a roadtrip to swayspace on november 5th to understand more deeply the importance of expressing messages, information and graphics, beautifully well. the prime movers and shakers, willy schwenzfeier and patrick fenton, along with their design crew that includes shannon and ben, gave us a window into their design process and the rather fluid balance between appropriate technologies both old and new. websites and wedding invitations might not seem to be related in nature, but all swayspace projects are approached on the premise of looking beyond the obvious for more meaning . . .

swayspace’s studio location is in a rather interesting building, the old american can factory, in the gowanus area: 232 third street at 3rd avenue, brooklyn, new york

if you find this images below to be intriguing, i would also suggest that you take a closer look at the following two links, one about the printshop:
& a video about swayspace’s letter press:

roadtrip to swayspace with making meaning, november 5, 2009willy & patrick with matthew & making meaning, photographed by shannonmm in motion: anna, naima, fernanda, renee, kyle min, etc., photographed by shannon miwabrad on the chandler & price press at swayspace, november 5, 2009ben working on the chandler & price press, november 5, photographed by shannon miwalead type: swayspace's chandler & price press, photographed by shannon miwamaking meaning in copper tone ink on the letter press, november 5, 2009patrick in action on the press with making meaning, november 5, 2009making meaning on the press at swayspace, november 5, 2009patrick, willy & the work, november 5th, photographed by shannon miwa

posted 6 November 2009

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