empathy for culture as a living organism . . .

here’s an interesting exhibit at the cooper hewitt until january 4, 2010:
cooper hewitt’s design for a living world exhibit

in addition (& it seems rather serendipitous), on may 23rd of this year, artist & instructor, rebecca welz went to guyana with 11 pratt graduate & undergraduate industrial design students on an experiment in understanding culture as a living organism . . . they were also joined by patty johnson from the north south project (written about, december 2, 2008 on core 77 by pratt id alumnus william gordon: one factory, one forest, design ecology & micro-economic development in guyana). the group spent a period of ten days with local artisans & craftspeople to develop new furniture designs, based on local deciduous materials, social equity & an empathy for all the knowledge / values shared by the local society.

pratt m.id students & rebecca welz, autumn 2008, photographer: michal jozewicz

so, if you’re interested in this experience, i would encourage to talk with &/or contact the members of the guyana project directly: sara dierck | eve fisher | sahar ghaheri | jason hu | patty johnson | michal jozewicz | heléne kenny | ivey lian | sara mc been | catherine merrick | robert patrick | ashley thorfinnson | rebecca welz

also you might want to look at this article from core 77:

also you might want to look at this article from prattfolio:
the guyana project (prattfolio excerpt 2010)

posted 4 November 2009

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