visual narrative about design in 1974 . . .

what was happening in north america in 1974? well, among other things, there were two related events, the u.s. supreme court decision: united states v. nixon, 418 u.u. 683 & u.s. president richard nixon announces his resignation, effective august 9, 1974. there was also the continuation of the 1973 oil crisis into 1974. there were also twa flight 841, crashing into the ionian sea 18 minutes after take off from athens, after a bomb explodes in the cargo hold killing 88 people on september 8th & twa flight 514 killing all 92 people on board, on december 1st. the expo ’74 world’s fair opens in spokane, washington on may 4th. in brooklyn new york, the department of industrial design at pratt institute was about to print a two plate, two color folio on their design education philosophy . . . here are a few visual excerpts:

posted 21 March 2010

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