play & paper form flirtation . . .

this spring yoon jung heo was in my making meaning, senior design studio. she said she was very interested in seeing what she could do with the ephemeral & slightly neglected traditional material, paper . . . yoon’s exploration of the possibilities with paper immediately makes me think of other wonderful references like, the paper house in rockport massachusetts* or how to wrap five eggs, by dr. hideyuki oka** and also franz zeier’s classic, papier*** . . . i would encourage you to take a look at yoon’s video, mm: play with forms and or her mm process guide, and see if you don’t agree with me . . .

making meaning: play with forms by yoon jung heo 2010

mm paper play forms process guide, by yoon jung heo


** how to wrap five eggs, traditional japanese packaging,
by dr. hideyuki oka (photography by michikazu sakai)
© october 2008, isbn 978-1-59030-619-2

*** papier, versuche zwischen geometrie und spiel,
by franz zeier © 1974 / 2001 verlag paul haupt,
berne, isbn 3-258-01205-9

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posted 12 April 2010

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