bklyn designs in dumbo with pratt id . . .

once again, at the 8th annual bklyn designs, pratt id proudly exhibits innovative furniture, lighting, tabletop and accessories at bklyn designs on friday · saturday · sunday, may 7th · 8th · 9th, at saint ann’s warehouse, 38 water street in dumbo, brooklyn . . .

other pratt id student exhibitors that are not in the picture below:
alex binsted · christina fesmire · cat merrick · brian persico · kyle solá

pratt id’s tim richartz, as in the past, has curated this year’s exhibit at bklyn designs with more than 12 industrial design graduate and undergraduate students showing contemporary work, including the following:

an adjustable room screen (hex) by natalie apuzzo • a red oak & glass drop-leaf dining table (modern harvest) by alex binsted • a lamp of ceramic, cork, steel & textile cord (clamp) by ayça çakmakli • reclaimed wood & rubber stools with snap-fit connections (sweet) by chris dobrick • a walnut inlay & hemp rope swing (vogelswing) by christina fesmire • a lamp of woven mukra (hand in hand)* by heléne kenny • a reclaimed cedar wood & powder-coated steel chair for two (schair) by charlotte kreitmann • a plywood & maple book shelf (access shelf) by rikki marshall • a sustainably harvested lamp of mukra vine & steel (bee lamp)* by cat merrick • a bright blue steel & glass table (empathy for las vegas), by cat merrick • an eva foam shelf (clutch) by amyel oliveros • a lightweight, forest stewardship council-certified red oak table, which can be assembled with only a mallet (pin-up table) by brian persico • mouth-blown glassware sets (family) by kyle solá • an acid-etched & mirror-polished aluminum coffee table/bench & side table/stool (surface) by tobin spann • a three-legged aluminum table with a glass top (mantis table) by alvaro uribe.

* both heléne kenny’s hand in hand & cat merrick’s bee lamp prototypes were
designed in collaboration with the indigenous wai wai weavers in guyana.

posted 7 May 2010

categories design, education