herman miller, empathy for culture, icff & pratt id . . .

please come & see our pratt id exhibit at icff at the jacob javits center, between
may 15th-18th 2010. pratt id is collaborating with herman miller, on this year’s theme, “empathy for culture.” the theme is intended to encourage undergraduate and graduate id students to consider the global impact of their projects. students will be challenged to seek out and learn about individuals of another culture or examine the uniqueness of their own culture and express this learning through a design project. the final presentation has been tentatively scheduled for friday, april 30th (location still to be determined) . . . this tremendous opportunity project is under the auspicious / individual initiative of mark goetz, in conjunction with his fellow adjunct faculty members kimberly synder and tim richartz. i’m enthusiastic and looking forward to seeing the out comes of our first collaboration with herman miller, i think it will be truly memorable. i also want to say a special heartfelt thanks to mark goetz for all his efforts in this endeavor . . .

pratt id / herman miller exhibit: empathy for culture,
icff design brief 2010

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pratt id / herman miller exhibit: empathy for culture (prattfolio excerpt)

posted 15 May 2010

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