one million man hours, injury free . . .

this autumn, on friday, october 3rd, ines and i got together with the entire crew of pratt industrial design technicians on myrtle avenue to share food, drink and conversation . . . pictured from left to right: gary, seth, yours truly, julia, brendan and john . . . among other things, we talked about how to make the engineering and pratt studios shops, safer, and still more interesting for our students . . . unfortunately, our ever humorous departmental advisor, andy mister, had an out of town visitor and couldn’t make the venue . . . andy not being there allowed for him to become the first topic of discussion that evening . . . from there, we went on to discuss identical twin brothers, assorted other themes and ideas about pratt id until late . . . just how serious are the pratt id technicians about safety? just take a look at this safety manual that john medley designed for our students: industrial design shop safety manual 2008

id staff venue, friday october 3, 2008

posted 4 October 2008

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