the kitchen of the future . . .

fifty years ago, marc harrison, earned his bachelor of industrial design at pratt institute. harrison went on to become a professor and later, department head in industrial design, at rhode island school of design. in addition to his well known work with the dlc-x cuisinart food processor, harrison worked closely with lead faculty member, jane langmuir and peter wooding on the universal kitchen. this five year long risd project embraced the concepts of universal design and analyzed every aspect of the kitchen in order to restructure it to meet the needs of people with varying abilities. the universal kitchen evolved from student groups working with existing kitchens, to new concepts and eventually, full scale prototypes for testing. the final design of the project was exhibited in 1998 at the national design museum, the cooper hewitt, in manhattan.

hagley museum & library, guide to industrial design

99% invisible: the frankfurt kitchen & margarete schütte-lihotzky

the bathroom | the kitchen & the aesthetics of waste,
by ellen lupton & j. abbott miller . . .

counter space: design & the modern kitchen, moma 2010-2011

& once again, the kitchen of the future, continues . . .
during autumn semester of 2007, katrin mueller-russo, from the industrial design department, lead a sponsored studio, “the kitchen of the future,” for the school of art & design at pratt institute and lg electronics of englewood cliffs, new jersey. the industrial / interior design senior studio was run in conjunction with alissa bucher, studio faculty from the interior design department. the entire semester long project was supported by both departments; anita cooney, chair of interior design, my right hand man and the assistant chair for id, the late rick goodwin, as well as myself.

included, here are process guides excerpts from our joint
pratt • lg, kitchen of the future, design studio project:
pratt • the lg studio process guide: chapter one, initial research

pratt • the lg studio process guide: chapter two & chapter three

pratt • the lg studio process guide: chapter four & chapter five

pratt • the lg studio process guide: chapter six, final concepts for kitchen designs from student groups one, two, three & four

posted 21 March 2011

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