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rather particular items from this season’s new york international gift fair, at the jacob javits center, 655 west 34th street, new york, new york. i truly enjoyed seeing so many of my former design students, all full of energy and promise, at the amdc
| american design club | exhibit, which, this year was located right next to another great exhibit of independent young designer from the northwest: join design seattle. it also lent itself to a number of interesting combinations, especially from some of the the out-of-towners. for example, at the amdc exhibit, felicia ferrone, from chicago, had beautiful, elegant, handcrafted glassware from the czech republic, called the revolution collection. another out-of-towner was thomas im from los angeles california with his ingenious mimot tote bag, which uses tyvek as the base material. i also know thomas as one of my former students, when we were both at wentworth institute of technology in boston, in the industrial design department. thomas was already interested in functioning soft goods as a graduating senior and chose to work with wentworth design instructor andrea ruddy, on the development of portable products for his directed studies project. another amazing west coast – east coast crossover was fruitsuper design with their unapologetic design collection in vibrant colors called: sbir | so big it’s ridiculous |. fruitsuper design’s duo are also former students of mine, that graduated from pratt’s id department. fruitsuper’s sallyann corn and joe kent know all of the local talent that kiel mead recruited for this season’s showing of amdc, but now live in seattle and therefore were showing their sbir collection with join design seattle. most likely, amdc and join design seattle will be collaborating again together soon. what a wonderful group of designers, all full of vitality, positive energy, and in general, support for one another. keep an eye on these upcoming, amazing talents.

the ingenious mimot tote bags by thomas im

fruitsuper design’s sbir: so big it’s ridiculous collection

felicia ferrone’s revolution glassware collection

design seattle: join

american design club, nyc gift fair

posted 20 August 2011

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