a design dialogue with läufer+keichel . . .

june 26th: wednesday evening, at 6:00pm the new industrial design program at the university of applied sciences regensburg will host an evening with the berlin design duo, läufer+keichel. julia läufer and marcus keichel have been working together as a creative partnership since 2003. their design work focuses on sustainable solutions and ranges from communication, exhibit, industrial to furniture. among others, their clients include the following: wilkhahn, thonet, schneiderschram, offecct, martela, la palma, gasag and best. some of their recent projects have been internationally acknowledged, awarded and exhibited. on behalf of the entire faculty in the department of architecture at the technische hochschule regensburg, please join us for this venue with läufer+keichel . . .

the design studio, läufer+keichel

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iD program within the department of architecture

a design dialogue with läufer+keichel: wednesday, june 26th starting at 6:00pm, halle a, the department of architecture, prüfeninger strasse 58, regensburg, bavaria

posted 4 June 2013

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