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the students from the new, hybrid iD program at the university of applied sciences regensburg had their second annual exhibit this week. the work on display was a mixture of art, science & technology, spanning the broad topic areas from mechanical engineering fundamentals, to the history of design, on to digital visualization, product design, even a transportation elective in rendering techniques and last but not least, design’s context in society. the exhibit visitors included, among others, current students, members of the faculty from the departments of architecture, machine design and applied social sciences, university administrators as well as new prospective design students for winter semester 2013 . . .

on behalf of the department of architecture, i would like to thank the following individuals for their invested energy that allowed the venue to happen again this year:

aaron vander bee • alois bräu • andreas emminger • andreas wagner • anna knaut • artem ugnivenko • bianca bauer • benedikt bandtlow • carolin bauer • carly brandelius schmitt • cassandra schmid • charlotte klein • elena benvenuti • felicitas enders • giulia nemmert • ina turinsky • ines burger • ines rammensee • ines wolf • jakob timpe • jinny martens • jonna breitenhuber • johanna brunner • konstantin beitsch • lukas walzer • lydia miller • marion meindl • michael salberg • milena huber • paula schrott • patrick dudewicz • patrick oberbracht • sabine lange • simon budich • stefanie gmach • ulrich simman • ulrike phelps • veronika stärz •

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posted 21 June 2013

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