aboutForm & alphabet abstractions . . .

have you ever been frustrated when trying to describe an emotional response to an image &/or an object with words alone? to the contrary, have you ever tried to illuminate an intellectual construct without words; using “only” images so to speak? visualization is an acquired skill that connects critical thinking with imagination. objects are usually difficult to abstract from three dimensional into two dimensional terms. in addition, abstracted two dimensional symbols &/or characters (such as letterforms), are not usually required to communicate in the three dimensional realm. three weeks ago the iD4 crew from the university of applied sciences regensburg began their summer semester by attempting to abstract the alphabet. this will be the beginning of a semester long exploration of the language of form as it relates to design, production methods and materials (i.e. porcelian and possibly glass). under the title of “aboutForm &” the iD4 crew will collaborate with faculty, students and staff from the department of design, bauhaus university weimar.

“a designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” r. buckminster fuller

you might also want to check out an interesting example of an exploration with three dimensional letterforms from christa schürch’s bachelor project in bern, switzerland (mentor: christoph stähli weisbrod, hochschule der künste bern 2011):

christa schürch’s “schriftKörper,” hochschule der künste, bern

posted 17 April 2014

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