aboutForm & workshop with bauhaus university . . .

right after the easter holiday last month, the iD4 crew from the oth: university of applied sciences went to weimar for a workshop with bauhaus university. the topic area was aboutForm & hard ware; new form development possibilities with porcelain as the main point of departure. the workshop took place the entire week of april 22nd / 23rd / 24th / 25th. jakob timpe, michael salberg, yours truly were also there, along with irene nitz, susann paduch, and sabine eichholz, as material specialist and technical assistance, as well as the interaction design / product design faculty members, kristian gohlke and wolfgang sattler. the workshop had various educational aspects in addition to the collaboration between the two universities. professor wolfgang sattler had arranged two very interesting design dialogues with laura straßer and professor joachim krausse, ph.d. there were also two pilgrimages for the group of forty plus designers; the first was a production methods fact finding roadtrip to kahla porcelain and the second was a cultural / contextual exploration at the “porcelain worlds” exhibit at thuringia’s porcelain museum leuchtenburg. what a great way to start a design project . . .

aboutForm &: w. sattler workshop minutes, april 24th 2014.

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posted 1 May 2014

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