ascending & descending a staircase . . .

pascale wettenschwiler and i went this week to the cooper hewitt to view the heatherwick exhibit, provocations. what i found to be one the more interesting parts of the rather extensive exhibit was heaterwick’s study for the first double decker bus for london in fifty years. the stairwell artifact / production component, which was placed within the staircase concavity of the carnegie mansion, also reminded me of ongoing research in bavaria at the university of applied science regensburg’s friedrich mielke institute of | scalology | stair research. it seems to me that in places like venice, london, regensburg or rome, being capable of multidimensional mobility will remain an interesting topic for designers to work on well into the distant future of this century . . .

provocations: architecture & design of heatherwick studio

stair research: friedrich mielke institute of scalology . . .

venice biennale of architecture 2014 • fundamentals /
elements of architecture, directed by rem koolhass

“sculpture’s gift to architecture is the staircase . . .”
alex de rijke

excerpt: der wilkhahn | elements of architecture,
the end of the staircase ? october 2014 . . .

descending stairs & turning around, by eadweard muybridge

eadweard muybridge’s complete animal locomotion images

spanish steps: from van morrison’s poetic champions compose

posted 28 December 2015

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