immersion workshop week 2016 . . .

this year for the third year in a row, immersion workshop week 2016 (iww. 2016) was held as an alternative to an excursion away venue (i.e. to see luis barragán’s work in mexico, vist the capital of sweden’s architecture, among others). iww. 2016 was open to all of the university of applied sciences’ department of architecture, bachelor and masters students. invited guests artist &/or designers from basel, berlin, regensburg and weimar were invited to interact with approximately forty architecture, building climate control and industrial design students in the oth’s department of architecture. iww. 2016 wouldn’t have been able to happened without the assistance and support from daniela deutzer, michael salberg, sabine lange as well as the entire department of architecture. iww. 2016 was an exchange of ideas connecting people, in a labor of love for a brief moment in time, to explore vision, values, skills development and fun through an absorbing design dialogue.

immersion workshop week 2016 participants:

alexander bauer • alicia lang • amelie boyer • andreas krieg • anja lindner • anna eckl • anne lenski • beatrice gratton • carina zölch • catharina hoffmann • cemile sakine karadeniz • chia lin liao • christian neumayer • christian walter • christiane himler • daniela deutzer • daniela höck peganos • david carvajal • david messerer • elena treffehn • eva haslbeck • felicitas muschalla • florian scharf • florian wittmann • franz ludwig • franziska steininger • gabriele fecher • jacopo foglietti • jakob eden • jana pfennig • juan ortiz strassner • julia anstadt • julia wurm • kilian kraß • kimberly bienen • laura kaindl • lena schweizer • madita flohe • markus wasmeier • matthew burger • maximilian fedorcio • melanie rengstl-ipfelkofer • miriam kreuzer • nathalie festl • nathalie jodl • nicola ziel • nikola pranschke • philipp kneubühler • roland kießling • timolukas stephan • theresa sturm • zlatin aleksiev •

oth’s iD immersion workshop week 2016 topics

nothing is impossible, the word itself says, i’m possible . . .
audrey hepburn

a mere fragment of the whole experience from “impossible, i’m possble !”
immersion workshop week 2016, “impossible, i’m possble !

posted 21 May 2016

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