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untitled, number sixteen . . .

untitled, number sixteen . . .
untitled |ˌənˈtītld|
1 (of a book, composition, or other artistic work) having no name.
2 (of a person) not having a title indicating high social or official rank:
lesser untitled officials.
untitled, number sixteen . . .

matthew’s inanimate objects. a traditional wattle fence, orford, united kingdom.

posted 25 August 2018

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ascending & descending guernsey island . . .

channel island guernsey has over 42 miles of coastal paths. the cliff path network of the south coast of guernsey meanders from la valette for 28.5 miles before finishing at pleinmont. the south coast cliffs are a continuous expanse of semi-natural vegetation on the island, consisting mainly of maritime heathland and cliff-top grassland. flanerie festivals: […]

posted 25 August 2018

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