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on the way to coney island . . .

there is, of course, a coney island in ireland, but that’s not the one i’m referring to here. on the way to coney island and the atlantic ocean, via the n train, you can get off at the 86th street station to see the new mosaics (the public art mosaics were part of the overall […]

posted 14 September 2020

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untitled, number forty four . . .

untitled, number forty four . . .
untitled |ˌənˈtītld|
1 (of a book, composition, or other artistic work) having no name.
2 (of a person) not having a title indicating high social or official rank:
lesser untitled officials.

matthew’s inanimate objects.
benevolent buddhist temple: 7116 fort hamilton parkway, sunset park, brooklyn . . .

posted 11 September 2020

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up on the roof . . .

up on the roof in sunset park brooklyn . . .
when this old world starts getting me down & people are just too much for me to face, i climb way up to the top of the stairs & all my cares just drift right into space
on the roof, it’s peaceful as can be […]

posted 9 September 2020

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essential brooklyn . . .

essentially brooklyn installation at domino park, williamsburg . . .
labor day is a celebration of the determination and the achievements of hard working men and women across this nation and in the empire state. it was in new york that this great holiday was first celebrated, and where we are continuously fighting for the […]

posted 7 September 2020

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