bruce mau & institutional education . . .

a superb story teller and design provocateur, bruce mau was in brooklyn last night to discuss the future of institutional education and how to advance development at bastions of higher learning at an exponential rate. i encourage you to take a look at the (unfortunately slightly off center, poorly focused in the dark room) short video link below about arizona state university, only substitute the name arizona state with the name(s), “any & every university.” notice towards the close the possibly powerful credo for all schools: go ahead, fail, learn, fail again, learn more, succeed! (most likely this is a paraphrase of samuel beckett*)

ever tried.
ever failed.
no matter.
try again.
fail again.
fail better. samuel beckett*

an excerpt from a venue with bruce mau,
about educational institutions . . .

posted 5 November 2010

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