untitled, number sixty-two . . .

untitled, number sixty-two . . .

untitled |ˌənˈtītld|
1 (of a book, composition, or other artistic work) having no name.
2 (of a person) not having a title indicating high social or official rank:
lesser untitled officials.

matthew’s inanimate objects. watering cans (giesskannen) . . .

the term “watering can” first appeared in 1692, in the diary of keen
cottage gardener lord timothy george of cornwall. before then,
it was known as a “watering pot”

cabinet magazine: the schreber gardens (schrebergärten),
the green oasis for city dwellers, by jan turowski. 2002

how to make an infinite loop using watering cans . . .

the watering can museum, d-35398 gießen, germany

jane hall’s new book surveys a century of women designers who helped shape our lives, exploring the ways that their designs have shaped life not only in our homes and workplaces, but also the society at large. hall distinguishes among others hedwig bollhagen (*1907 †2001), who was known primarily for her simple, yet timeless ceramics for everyday use. she skillfully managed to bridge the difficult gap between regional crafts traditions and bauhaus aesthetics (i.e. celebrated bauhaus-adherents theodor bogler & werner burri). bollhagen founded the hb workshop for ceramics in marwitz, just northeast of berlin, in 1934. in 1997 she received the order of merit from the federale republic of germany.

woman made: great women designers, by jane hall for phaidon

marcus eisendorf’s watering + can seeks to bring beauty | functionality to the context of small house plants. an interesting detail of eisendorf’s design, is an integrated ring that is both a structural element as well as a hook for storage.
watering + can

posted 4 January 2022

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