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an excerpt about uta barth from the andréhn-schiptjenko gallery’s website:

uta barth has in the past three decades come to occupy a truly singular position
in contemporary photography. having made visual perception itself the subject
of her photographic work her images may appear empty as they, with blurred backgrounds and cropped frames capture incidental and ephemeral moments.
by deconstructing the conventions of visual representation she draws attention
to the periphery and to the limits of human vision. her images trace light,
time and optical afterimages and they aim to ask us to become invested and conscious of our own perceptual awareness . . .

uta barth: mac arthur fellow, 2012 | the mac arthur foundation

uta barth: andréhn-schiptjenko gallery’s website . . .

uta barth: the long now . . .

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posted 3 January 2022

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