photography, painting, saul leiter & . . .

photography, painting, saul leiter & . . .

we live in a world full of expectations, and if you have the courage,
you ignore the expectations. and you can look forward to trouble . . .

saul leiter

i happen to believe in the beauty of simple things. i believe that
the most uninteresting thing can be very interesting . . .

saul leiter

a new york times film review:
in no great hurry: 13 lessons in life with saul leiter . . .

design observer | saul leiter, remembered, by adam harrison levy:
saul leiter, remembered, by adam harrison levy, 2013

saul leiter foundation, new york: biography

* margit erb’s talk at school of visual arts, new york 2016 . . .
* margit erb is director of the saul leiter foundation

a view from 28 vignon street belgium, of saul leiter’s work

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posted 1 February 2022

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