making meaning: matthew burger / jeffrey kapec, senior studio

here is a small window into of a semester long course called making meaning. making meaning is a senior industrial design studio where the students choose individually selected design briefs and develop them with team-teaching instructors, matthew burger & jeff kapec . . .
class session & preliminary critique, autumn 2007 . . .
jeff kapec in surgery, cleveland, ohio 2008jeff kapec, observing during hours of surgery in cleveland, ohio, the needs of the user . . . autumn 2008
making meaning preliminary critique poster autumn 2008making meaning preliminary critique, autumn 2008
november 2008: preliminary critique for making meaning with visiting research scholar from sweden, louise häggberg, adjunct faculty member, robert langhorn, pratt id alumnus and project coordinator for graham fields, sergio silva, former mm students, sallyann corn and joe kent, as well current class members, interested friends, junior, seniors and instructors, matthew burger and jeff kapec.

class reaction during a making meaning saturday session

a class reaction during a saturday session of making meaning, autumn 2008

preliminary process guide from anna alriksson

preliminary process guide from jenny jernström

mm • urban nomads process guide by jenny jernström

mm • acoustic playground process guide by charlotte kreitmann

mm • design center signage process guide by charles goodwin

making meaning studio: design brief | street eats

syllabus for making meaning spring semester 2009

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Wow Mr Burger!

That looks like a great class. But I heard students have to work hard and there are two professors that drive the students crazy because they don’t always tell the students the same thing or look at the work in the same manner. But then again I heard that four or five of the students got really neat professional(respectable) design jobs as a result of the projects they produced from the class.

This class was amazing, yes it was a lot of hard work and consisted of no sleep, however it was truly worth every second of it. Working with Matthew and Jeff was a great experience and they know everything there is to know. They helped us all through the semester and gave us enthusiasm, even when things were getting tough they cheered us along.
I miss the class and being an exchange student from Scotland it made a huge change to the way I look at designing, form before function is not the practise we use. I found it inspiring and has indeed stretched my mind and ways of working to new limits and goals.
Thanks again Matthew and Jeff!

posted 18 January 2009

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