interdisciplinary design education . . .

in order to move toward the future, universities need to have a willingness to foster interdisciplinary education. interdisciplinary studies thrive on creative convergence. departments, instructors and their students also need to be able to blur traditional boundaries in the benefit of educational exploration. still in a formative stage, the ID curriculum at the OTH: university of applied sciences regensburg is growing towards an interdisciplinary mixture of artistic endeavour, architecture, engineering and design. the images are from design one (with instructors markus emde, pavel zverina & matthew burger), an interdisciplinary introduction to design / architecture for first year students as well as iD basics (with instructor carly brandelius schmitt) an interdisciplinary introduction to art / design fundamentals . . .

here are the semester’s assignments one, two and three for the 1st year students:
project leader, professor markus emde & design 1 assignments

here are examples of the semester’s project results:

michael rieder’s & wendelin regau’s process guide

agatha sowinski’s & fiona glaeser’s process guide

muya hong’s, mario weisser’s & thomas wiesner’s process guide

julia malsam’s & teresa hammer’s process guide

stefanie müller’s & maximilian schneider’s process guide

etienne hestermann’s & moritz borchardt’s process guide

jessica zisler’s & veronika zinkl’s process guide

valerie stroh’s & johannes von schoenebeck’s process guide

david meier’s & jonas grossmann’s process guide

ebru sahin’s & anna triller’s process guide

regina kerscher’s & sarah barth’s process guide

johannes parzefall’s & lisa-marie holzhauser’s process guide

katharina maier’s, stefan nagel’s & Jakob peintner’s process guide

israel luis lepiz’s & kemal dank’s process guide

posted 24 January 2014

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