lighting fires & making meaning’s mid-term critique . . .

“the correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting . . .”
on listening, essays by plutarch.

making meaning mid-semester critique, march 12th, 2009

the spring, mid semester preliminary critique for making meaning was held on thursday, march 12th from 6:00 pm until around 9:30 pm . . .

in addition to the seniors ( billy cotton, brittani czarnecki, emily scofield, jeanne choi, maggie matela, gerry hefferman, noam tabenkin, pearl park & sukmo koo [sharon myoung was attending a family event abroad & therefore not pictured here] ) along with former mm students ( sallyann corn, nick foley, charles goodwin, ben gould, joe kent & charlotte kreitmann ), plus mm course instructors, matthew burger & jeff kapec, the venues guests critics included, assistant chair of foundation art, kim sloane, program coordinator for sculpture, john monti, faculty member for sculpture, analia segal, faculty member for industrial design, katrin mueller-russo & a special guest from the institute of design, faculty member, jasjit singh, from umeå, sweden . . .

here are also two examples of process guides, from the end of the semester presentations,
from two of our ten seniors, jeanne choi & gerry hefferman:

mm • touch: design for autism, process guide by jeanne choi

mm • tiny patient process guide by gerry hefferman

& images from noam tabenkin’s kish koosh project for a toy competition with pastel toys:

mm • kish koosh images by noam tabenkin

posted 13 March 2009

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