thomas keller & caspar david friedrich . . .

there’s a interesting (unfortunatley rather unknown, at least in america) book from swiss photographer thomas keller called, take this longing. the title comes from references to music from leonard cohen’s, take this longing and johnny cash’s, i walk the line. a number of the photographs were taken in berlin as well as other locations in germany between 1999 & 2002 . . . on thomas keller’s website there’s also other interesting projects, such as his interpretation of interior spaces & painting from caspar david friedrich . . . like friedrich, keller’s photographs frame their subject matter in a context of romanticism & allegory . . . i would thoroughly encourage you to take a look at the body of his photographic work:

blue sky, berlin construction site, photographed by matthew burger & rainer hägele, 1994

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posted 21 August 2009

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