good bye and hello again . . .

well, it’s time to say good bye to our wonderful id departmental advisor, but also hello to the new, interim assistant chair for the industrial design department for the coming academic year 2010-2011: laurel voss. i’m very please to say that i’ve truly enjoyed working with laurel and her crew of graduate and undergraduate student staff over the past year and a half. it goes without saying that the technical staff in the shops have be great, also the rp lab and photo lab staffs have been great too, but the prize has to go to laurel and her office staff for really helping out in a big way so i didn’t loose my sanity this past year in the id department, thanks very much guys ! . . .

as always+matthew

Matthew Burger
The Industrial Design Department
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY. 11205

laurel voss & company at the id office staff appreciation luncheon this past spring, pictured from left to right: matthew hassel, kyle solá, renée golden, jess fügler, laurel voss and ivey lian (staff members not pictured here include: ann stepanek, haeshin park, sara mc bean and james killinger)

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Nice seeing you again, and I love this posting.
So sweet.


greetings laurel,

yes, it was really great seeing you,
to catch up with some news &
again, all the best with your
new adventures in the
near future . . .


posted 21 June 2010

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