design studios with collaborative professional partnerships . . .

“the aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity & familiarity.’’ ludwig wittgenstein

in spring semester of 2009 and again in spring semester 2010, the industrial design students at pratt had a chance to look into the future in conjunction with the colgate-palmolive company. these opportunities took the form of collaborative professional partnerships with interdisciplinary sponsored studios for graduate and undergraduate id students and students from other design disciplines. the two studios were intended to expose students to professional design challenges, in the context of a rather structured innovation process, with feedback from experienced industry experts. the colgate-palmolive energy, expertise and involvement included, among others: alan wolpert (colgate-palmolive worldwide director of long term innovation), jay crawford (colgate-palmolive director of global packaging, personal care), malgorzata jablonska (colgate-palmolive consumer insight director, lti,gm-pc), arvind chintamani (colgate-palmolive marketing manager, lti, pcp). the pratt id crew energy, expertise and involvement included, among others: the late rick goodwin (assistant chair for industrial design), gary shigeru natsume (director of design and research at ecco design, lead studio faculty member), colin gentle (industrial design cad instructor) studio assistants for 2009, sallyann corn and joseph kent (pratt id alumni), studio assistant for 2010, richard karsten (pratt id alumni) and the director of corporate relations, ludovic leroy.

the colgate-palmolive company asked pratt’s industrial design students to envision design development for shower and bath products for the very near future. the final presentation, (pictured below, center) was at colgate’s park avenue headquarters, on wednesday evening, april 29, 2009. the entire colgate team happily acknowledged with resounding applause that the pratt students had exceeded their expectations of the collaborative studio experiment. bello & bravo !
shower gel packaging for 2011 process guide

esin arsan | sahar ghaheri: trans•form process guide

gerry hefferman | jason pfaeffle: oasis process guide

evan dewhirst: soap process guide

the second colgate collaborative studio focused on innovation for deodorant and under-arm protection (uap) products for the future. the student’s investigative research explored the following topics: sweat, body fragrance, social preparation, store environment, inspirational package design from a broad category, an in-depth user study on how, why & where people use under-arm protection. the id class involvement included, among others: ashley thorfinnson, blain kennedy, brett fuss, colin gentle, gary natsume, jim warner, richard karsten, lara knutson, robert patrick, sara dierck & sara mcbeen. the final presentation, (pictured above, far left) was on monday evening, may 10, 2010. the success of the second collaborative studio with colgate-pamolive secured that this experiment would continue, into the future with the industrial design department at pratt . . .
a new concept for a women’s uap from sara dierck, called: close
once again, bravo to all the students, richard karsten and especially gary natsume; rick goodwin would have been very proud of all of you !

posted 21 May 2010

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